About WUS

What is World University Service?

World University Service (WUS) is an international Non-Governmental Organization that focuses on education, development and human rights. It was founded in 1920 in Geneva under the title “European Student Relief”, which was renamed “World University” in 1950. Today, it has a network of national committees in more than 60 countries.

WUS facilitates involvement of academics and student in national and international programs and activities. It strives to involve those having access to higher education in a partnership with poor and underprivileged and promotes them to work jointly for social justice, freedom and human dignity. Since last decade emphasis is given to the defence of human rights in the education sector and to the educational needs of women. WUS also enjoys a consultative status with several United National Agencies.

WUS India


WUS-India has been actively involved in enrichment of the academic milieu of the country over the past 52 years., its activities have been shaped and guided by eminent person like Dr.Zakir Hussain, Prof.N.K.Sidhanta, Dr.C.D.Deshmukh, Prof.Malcom Adeseshiah and Dr.V.Ramalingaswami. WUS-India has established cooperatives, book-banks, and hotels and funded Health Centres. Read More


WUS-Delhi University Committee
Room No.- 9, 1st Floor, Student Activity Center,
Faculty of Arts, University of Delhi,

Phone: 011-27666167
E-mail: romabanerjee2k2@gmail.com